"God is a nonbinary punk, Jesus was a queer radical" w/ Owen Keehnen!

Devlyn launches their campaign to #UngenderTheOscars. Sal is already planning their Cate Blanchett “Carol” holiday party. We call on our queer community to bring back femme disco clubs!

Our special guest is LGBTQ grassroots historian Owen Keehnen! He has new book out called “Dugan’s Bistro and the Legend of the Bearded Lady,” and you can win a free copy! Look below! It’s about the 1970s Chicago disco legend and his legendary queer club. It’s super fun queer history! Owen’s event celebrating the book, the Bistro, and the Bearded Lady is March 7 at 7PM at Unabridged Bookstore. Come see rare photos of the disco legends and roll around in the glitter!

Want a free copy of the Bearded Lady book?! Share our Instagram post or Twitter post to have your name entered to win during next week’s episode! Find more of his work (including biographies of Chuck Renslow, Vernita Gray, and Jim Flint) check out owenkeehnen.com.

MUSICAL GUEST! COOL! Shane Chestnutt! Check him out right here!

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